Platanos, Pattys, y Patois

Life as married Peace Corps volunteers in Limon, Costa Rica

Farewell Limon!

After 9 months of living and serving in Limon, we have been reassigned to a different region. It has been very difficult to leave our Limonense friends and family. We had a great time living and working in Costa Rica’s Caribbean port city, but we are relocating our work to San Lorenzo de Tarrazú, in the San Jose province of Costa Rica.

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JumpStart Limon 2013!

20 students entering high school participated in a month long intensive English course during “summer” vacation. Our friend Jonny came from the US to help teach, and our local Youth Development Peace Corps Volunteer, Sanger, also came to help out. After one year of Peace Corps service, this has been one of our most rewarding experiences.

Hanna’s English Class for Kids! at the American Corner at the Puerto Limon Public Library: September-October 2012

Home, sweet home.

Carnaval begins this week!

Hanna MCs the events for Día del Negro with a teacher from the Escuela de Niñas

Elementary school students perform a dance for Día del Negro in Limón Centro, Costa Rica

Doing laundry. 

Pictures 1 and 2: Rinsing sheets in the pila (outside sink)

Picture 3: Filling the washing machine with a hose from the pila

NEWS FLASH: We are getting our own apartment!

We are moving into an apartment right next door to our host family (it is literally 8 steps door to door). We adore the family whom with we have been living, so we seized the chance when this apartment came up for rent. The apartment is owned by our grandparents who live upstairs, so we will be surrounded by family. They told us to bang on the roof with a broom if we ever need anything.

In true Tico fashion, our grandparents are willing to share and help new friends. They are lending us a nice bed and a washing machine and dishes and other things to settle us in. We bought a tiny gas oven and a mini fridge (our first appliance purchases ever!). It has been 16 months since we had our own place, and we are really looking forward to having a little home of our own. 

Learning to cook some traditional foods with our training host family in San Miguel de Santa Domingo de Heredia